Monday, May 19, 2014

Lace on Lace


Hey my friends!
I hope you had an awesome weekend filled with fun things! Mine was pretty chill but it's nice to relax every now and then. And by relax I mean watch Netflix for hours on end. I need to make a point of reading more. Any good summer reads I should pick up?
Aaaaanyway, Saturday the hubs and I went out to dinner and a comedy show to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was supposed to rain later that night so I donned my favorite boots to keep my tootises dry. I don't actually own rain boots, I feel like they limit my outfit choices. But that's just me. At first I was worried that I was wearing too much lace and that I would look like a doily. But I think it turned out ok especially toughed up by my denim vest. What do you think? It's a win for me!

Pink Lace Dress: Marshalls
Lace Tights: Ross
Boots: Target
Denim Vest: Gifted

Thanks for reading!


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