Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2 days in Madrid

Hey my friends!

The next city we visited on this trip was Madrid. This city had a more laid back feel than Paris and London. We took our time everywhere we went. We arrived on Easter Sunday, so I’m sure that had something to do with the laid back feel. We walked around Retiro Park, toured the Royal Palace, and explored the old city. We also had an amazing meal at the oldest restaurant in the world, Botin! We had the roast suckling pig. It was delicious! If you are able to, get to the restaurant early and they will seat you in the basement which has such an old world feel. That’s about it. At this point of the trip I was needing a recharge, so we skipped out on a lot that we had originally planned. I don’t regret that decision one bit! The hubs and I both decided that it was better to relax and enjoy ourselves than to stress about seeing everything the city had to offer. It just gives us a reason to visit again! The next (and last) leg of the trip is coming next week: Morocco!

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