Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day Activities

Hey my friends!
Happy Wednesday! 
So I don't know about your father but mine hates being in pictures. He would always volunteer to take our family photos so he could avoid actually being in them. He's harder to catch in a photo than Bigfoot. I do have one photo. Just one good one of the two of us, but alas he would murder me if I put it up. So here it is haha! 

He is giving me advice in this pic. I can always depend on him to know the answer, it's one of the many things I love about him. 
So this Sunday, the hubs and I treated him to a yummy shish kabob (sp?) dinner and had fun times with my family. 
Back to what I wore for the day: Super comfy and I felt fab all day. There's even a little pattern mixing in there! Can you spot it? (Yeah I know you can't 'cause these pics are super grainy. I need good camera recommendations)

Top: HM
Denim Vest: Calvin Klein via my mommy
Striped Skirt: Old Navy
Floral Wedges: Ross
Purse: Rockit London

Thanks for reading!

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