Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Breezy Weekend

Hey my friends!
What is your favorite type of weekend? Super busy? Full of travels? Hanging with friends? Or is it more of a quiet, laid back weekend? Relaxing? Catching up on a good book or napping?
Trick question! They both sound good don't they? Ha! Yeah to me too.
This weekend for me was of the quiet kind; full of napping and staying in to cuddle with my kitty. On Saturday we went to catch an early showing of Guardians of the Galaxy (So funny, Chris Pratt is adorable) and then....I went shopping. *hangs head* There is a Goodwill next to the theater and I couldn't resist!! I have a problem. Anyway, I did pick up some cute things that I will feature in a haul post sometime soon. This top is one of the them. It's a perfect addition to a tank top and shorts to elevate the look without getting too hot. What do you think? Win for me!

Sheer Top: Ann Taylor via Goodwill
Shorts: Rue 21
Sandals: Gift from my mommy

Thanks for reading!

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