Friday, August 8, 2014

Old and New

Hey my friends!
One if the reasons I love H&M is that you can buy something there and wear it for several seasons after. Like this top. I don't even remember when I got it. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago? But it's still one of my favorites. Perfect for leggings, shorts, skinny jeans, etc. I'm hoping to wear it for many years to come.
The reason I love Marshalls is.... I mean, who doesn't love Marshalls? Which is why I was so surprised when I found these shoes on CLEARANCE for $20 in my size!!!! Anyone who shops at those kind of stores knows that you find something cute but never in your size. I feel like the entire female population in Atlanta is a shoe size 8. I literally snatched these up and guarded them with my life while browsing through the rest of the store; ready to growl at anyone else who dared to look at them. JK,  but needless to say they are precious to me. 
What do you think? Both wins in my book.

Zebra top: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Marshalls

Thanks for reading!

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