Monday, February 23, 2015

Pinspiration Part 1: Noir

Hey my friends!
I decided to take this week to try to recreate some of my favorite looks from Pinterest. I love that site. It's where I go to get outfit ideas on days I'm not feeling very creative. I can spend hours doing "research".
Today's look is quite simple. I feel like Audrey Hepburn! I don't think I would have put this outfit together on my own. I love all black outfits but sometimes it can get to look like you're on your way to a funeral. I usually try to break it up with some color somewhere. Bright shoes or accessories. What do you think? All black everything? Or does it need some color? Let me know!

Top: HM
Shoes: Forever 21

Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. I have to agree, I have trouble dressing completely in black because it feels boring to me, but when you have a combination of great pieces that fit well, it's the ultimate form of chic. You look great! And likewise, I could spend hoursssss doing "research." I'm trying to be better about creating outfits I pin. Hope you are well m'dear and thanks for the kind words!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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