Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rocksbox #2 Review

I took this pic with my phone!! I'm pretty proud of how it came out y'all.
Hey my friends!
I recently got my second Rocksbox in the mail and I thought I would share its contents with you.

1. Jules Smith Textured Open Cuff - I love this piece. I'm thinking about buying it. I have a thing for bangles and this one looks so pretty on my wrist!

2. Vanessa Mooney  Fairytales Necklace - Ok, I love turquoise and love pendents. So naturally when I saw this necklace on Instagram I added it to my wishlist. When I got it however, I wasn't impressed. It's not actually a pendent. Meaning the turquoise part you see hits right under my clavicle. I don't like that look and probably won't wear it while I have this set. This is their first miss so far.

3. Margaret Elizabeth Three Stone Drops in Labradorite - These earrings are way more beautiful in real life than this picture can show. The stones are translucent with a slight iridescence. They instantly add elegance to any outfit. I will be wearing these as often as I can because there is no possible way I could afford to keep them. Waaaaaaaaay out of my price range.

So there you have it! I'm not sure how to compare this to the first box since that one had two ok pieces that I liked and one that I loved (and kept! Hubs got it as my VDay present.) This one has two pieces that I love and one that I would never pick for myself. Either way, I'm still loving this subscription!

Thanks for reading!

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