Friday, April 24, 2015

Burgundy Skater Dress

Hey my friends!
Hope you had a fulfilling week! Mine wasn't the best but it was better than last week so I'll take it!
I am currently in love with this dress. I bought it to wear in the fall but it didn't exactly fit right back then. I've been trying to eat healthy and workout more (which is so hard..why is it so hard?) and since then have been able to fit into the dress more comfortably! I know this color is more traditionally for fall or winter but I couldn't care less. I love how comfy it is. Do y'all have something that you like to wear regardless of the "appropriate" season? Let me know!

Dress/Bangle: Forever 21
Gorjana Leda Studs via Rocksbox
Denim Vest: gifted by my mommy

Thanks for reading!

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