Tuesday, December 15, 2015

10 more sleeps til Christmas

Hey my friends!
I hope your week has started well!
Please tell me you got the title reference! I have to say that I love Christmas. Halloween is my favorite holiday, but Christmas definitely holds a special place in my heart. From the gift giving, to the parties, and the abundance of yummy food; there is so much magic about this time of year. But with that magic comes the dreaded decisions of what to gift and what to wear. So I thought I would share my choices for Christmas this year to hopefully give some inspiration!
Gifts for Girlfriends: The older I get, the harder it is to shop for close friends and family. When you’re buying gifts for kids, a trip to the local toy store is really all you need. But shopping for grown women with varying tastes is often incredibly frustrating. This year I decided to give gifts with a personalized twist! There are so many shops in Etsy that will personalize jewelry any way you want! (I love Stamped and Finch, mentioned here)
You could go classic with initials or more creative like the coordinates of your favorite beach for girls’ trip! Either way, it’s something that most people will love. Note: Not much time left to get things delivered for Christmas! If this is your choice, you should hurry!

Party Outfits: I love to sparkle for any type of holiday gathering. This year I have several Christmas parties, family gatherings, and my favorite – a New Year’s Eve Party! Here I am for my company’s Christmas party:
(Sorry about the low quality, I really wanted to get back to the dancing!)
 As you can see, quite sparkly! Marshalls never disappoints when it comes to party wear. Here are some additional looks that would be perfect for all sorts of holiday functions! 
What are your plans for the holidays? I love hearing from y'all!
Thanks for reading!
*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using them. Thanks my friends! 


  1. Hi! I've been following your blog for a little while now through Feedly. Recently, you showed up on my Facebook friend recommendations list, and I had this feeling that I'd seen you before, but I hadn't yet made the connection to your blog. I followed the link to your page, and come to find out, we live in the same city and even go to the same church (Grace Fellowship). In fact, your brother (Jeron) and I go to the same small group at Grace Snellville. Small world! It's nice to finally meet you!

    1. Small world indeed! Thanks for following along!


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