Thursday, February 18, 2016

Search for the Perfect Scent

Hey my friends!
Happy Thursday!
So for Valentine's Day, the hubs and I like to exchange small gifts. Nothing too fancy ( I know someone who got a car) Just something that we wanted but wouldn't necessarily get for ourselves. He knew right away what he wanted: a fountain pen. I love a simple man, y'all.
It was a bit harder for me since I frequently have "receiver's remorse". You know, when you ask for something, get it, and then immediately wish you had asked for something else. That's me, I confess.
So this time around I really thought about what I wanted. And then I remembered the painful saga that is my personal scent search.
Several years ago I found a scent that I loved at Victoria's Secret: Vixen. It made me feel like a big girl. It had this spiciness to it that made me feel sexy and didn't give me a headache. Then they discontinued it. I was pretty bummed and went for years just smelling like plain deodorant. #basic
Then, two years ago I found a scent at Bath and Bodyworks: Wild Madagascar Vanilla. Perfect! It reminded me of Vixen! Spicy and no headache. Wouldn't you know they discontinued that too? 
That's when I realized that if I wanted a big girl scent, I needed a to be a big girl and buy actual perfume. (Well hubs was buying but you know what I mean) I did alot of research on basenotes, essence, etc. With this knowledege, the hubs and I took a scent tour at our local Macy's and this is what I found! 
Lancome's La vie est belle. 
It's got a spicy/sweet/fruity mix to it that makes me feel grown up, feminine, and sexy all at the same time! It's perfect for day or night. Just a tiny bit lasts for hours! Unlike the body mists I had previously used.
So there you have it. You deserve a prize if you made it all the way to end of this story! Sorry I don't have one for you. Do y'all have favorite perfumes or body mists? Where do you find them? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. It can be hard to find a scent that is perfect for you! I have the headache issue with a lot of scents, too. My fav is Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. I wear it everyday!

    1. I don't think I've ever smelled that one before! Thanks for stopping by Laura!

  2. Finding the perfect scent can be s hard! Love how this sounds, I'll have to check it out!

    1. Totally! I'm happy I've found one that will last awhile hopefully! Thanks for coming by Ginny!


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