Thursday, February 25, 2016

So Fancy

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Hey my friends!
Have you ever gotten a piece that makes you feel like a million bucks? 
Whenever I put this faux fur vest on, I feel like I have a million bucks. For real. Can a vest be considered a power suit? 
I've actually been wanting a vest like this for awhile, so when I found it at my beloved Burlington Coat Factory I was pretty excited. It's so perfect for Georgia winters where one day can go from 60 degrees to 32 degrees in a few hours.
FYI y'all. The hubs shot this look. He's come such a long way! I'm super grateful for a hubby that is willing to grow along with this little style blog I call mine.
Tell me about the things that make you feel oh so fancy! I love hearing from you!

Shop the links below for some similar looks and as always thanks for reading!
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  1. You're so cute! I LOVE the way the vest looks on you! <3

  2. You look do good! Loving the colors in your top and that vest.



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