Friday, April 11, 2014

Bright Addition


Hi my friends!

First pic post! I'm pretty camera shy and my hubs says that I'm a terrible model but I am determined to show what my actual style is. I love Polyvore (obviously since I've mentioned them in all my posts so far) but it can only go so far. The sets can't really show how an outfit actually looks on me.  

Today is casual Friday at work so I decided to keep it simple. The shirt and slacks are incredibly comfortable and both are from Marshalls. (That place is amazing and most of my clothes come from there) I don't remember where I picked up my shoes but I love them. My coworkers seem to love them too. They add just enough punch to take this outfit from normal to memorable. Even though they are pretty high (almost 5 inches) they are also incredibly comfortable. I usually wear them under maxi dresses or wide leg pants but I think I will try to come out of my comfort zone and style them with shorter skirts or dresses. I'll have to experiment with that to make sure I don't look like a hooker.

What do you think? Hit or Miss? I felt confident all day so in my book this is a win!
Thanks for reading!

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