Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dogwood Festival 2014

Hey my friends!
The hubs and I went out for a Sunday Funday at Piedmont Park (huge park in the middle of Atlanta) for the Dogwood Festival. It was our first time going and we had a great time! I think this is going to be a tradition for us. There were food trucks, art exhibitions, and carnival rides set up all over the park. It was a gorgeous sunny day so I'm pretty sure the entire city of Atlanta showed up; we happened upon several of our friends while we were there. I think our favorite part was the international stage with various acts hailing from all over the world. We watched some pretty awesome Capoeira as well as Mexican dancers. The last performance was by a Jamaican reggae band. Since my parents are both from Jamaica, they definitely got me moving.

While we there, I just had to admire the style of my diverse city. I love the way people express themselves in the way they dress. Heels, maxi skirts, vests, hats, flower headbands, jumpsuits etc. It's places like that where I get most of my inspiration. True street style.

What about you? Where do you get your ideas or inspiration for everyday outfits?

Thanks for reading!

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