Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Mustard Cardigan

Off for some raw fish! Delish!

Hey my friends!
Happy Wednesday! The hubs and I decided to have our date night tonight since this Easter Weekend we will be busy hanging with family and friends. It's so important that we have our alone time together.

I threw my outfit on in a hurry after work (I was starving) and I think it came out pretty well. I love how it puts together pieces that I love individually without the entire thing being overwhelming.
My lace tights make me feel sexy (good vibes for date night) without being hookerish. They are actually pretty warm as well, who knew?
The black and gold crossover purse was found in a vintage store in London. (If you are ever in Camden Town check out the Rockit store. It's lovely.) It's a classic piece. I will have it forever.
The floral skirt is gorgeous even though it is kinda short in the back (hence why it is a date night skirt), another vintage find.
The ankle boots are so cute and comfortable that I am guilty of wearing them two days in a row when I didn't have to!

But oh:

The Mustard Cardigan -This is my favorite cardigan. The shade is everything I need in the color yellow. Bright enough for spring and summer; mellow enough for fall and winter. It's perfect. Well, almost perfect. I bought it at Rugged Warehouse, which specializes in overstock and clothing with irregularities. So when I got it, I had to resign myself to the fact that I would never be able to button it up since the button holes don't line up with the buttons. I couldn't care less. I love it.

So what do you think? Hit or a Miss? Since I was able to incorporate my beloved cardigan, it is a win in my book.

Thanks for reading!

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