Friday, March 13, 2015

Accents of Purple

The genius behind the camera and my good friend Ashley! She's gorgeous :-)

Hey my friends! Happy Friday!
Bringing a super casual look today, with some purple accents that have a bit of a back story.

Stone Cuff: I bought this a while back on The Marketplace powered by TOMS shoes. This is a place where smaller similar brands can list their merchandise. The brand I bought this from uses their profits to help women in third world countries find work. I highly recommend checking the site out! 

Purple Hat: So every year, my church hosts an Artists' Market the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It's so cool to see how creative everyone is. It felt good to shop around knowing that I was investing in local art. This hat was such a cute find!

Do you have any items of clothing that have a story to tell? Let me know!

Margaret Elizabeth Earrings: Rocksbox
Chambray top: Marshalls

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great pics! Having a talented friend take pictures for you is the best for a blogger, seriously! I love the one taken from above with you laughing, such a pretty picture. I have some jewelry I love from craft fairs/traveling, they always seem to be the most unique pieces! Happy Friday!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. Aww how lucky are you to have a friend to take your pics! My BFF is totally my tripod ha. I love that you got a tattoo for your baby girl that you lost. She'll be with you forever.
    For some reason the bright lips and gold cuff make this whole outfit for me. And I love the stories behind the bracelet and hat. :)


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